Wednesday, May 18, 2005


What generation am I? Does anybody know? X? Y? Z? The tick-tock of my writer's clock is a little bit louder each day. The voices in my head are constantly whispering their stories to me in the hope that I will actually take the time to write them down and give them a louder voice. "Soon, soon," I whisper back.

Apparently, I am not the only writer that suffers from Whispering Voice Syndrome as I recently found this post on the PLA blog about how most authors are published around the age of 50. Is this encouraging or does this just enable my procrastination?

Poor Melanie, poor Savannah, poor Jake, poor Brian...will their stories ever be told?

I am the only one that hears them, right?


Sharon said...

Hi Ryann! Since this is my first Blogg comment, please be kind...
Love your ramblings! As far as whisperings go, I know the feeling! I've been getting paint brush whispers for years...and you're right...procrastination is enabled...I defer to Grandma Moses who was about 76 when she got busy... hmmm ...I'd better get painting! Sharon

Ryann said...

Ah, Sharon, I'll ramble for you anytime! Ok, I already do that. Alas, embrace your paint whispers! Create for us visions of the utopia that will be your new home on the water in Serenity-ville!

Grab your canvas and go! Hmm..this reminds me of a poem that I love. I might have to post it soon!