Thursday, May 12, 2005

Libraries and Blogging

So, public libraries are getting onto this blogging bandwagon. Here is an example of one library and how they use a blog (from PLA's blog, cited on the Library Stuff blog:

Another interesting tidbit also from the Library Stuff blog is that patrons using the Hennepin County catalog can generate RSS feeds from searches. In other words, they can be notified when new books are available from certain authors or subjects. How cool is that?


Stacy said...

I must admit I've been investigating Blogs, Wiki's, forums, and other content-management systems (CMS)...primarily based on open-source (OSS), both for personal home use and for use at our church. Its amazing what is out there and available. In addition, its interesting to ponder how an OSS CMS can be used in a corporate environment.

Anonymous said...

10-4 SDU, we'll get the 411 ASAP. - RMU