Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Prince of a Place

Stacy and I started our vacation to Prince Edward Island in our usual fashion: arriving late at the airport, bickering over parking spots, and lugging luggage far enough to realize we should have just purchased clothes and toiletries at our destination. When we finally reached our gate, I kept up international relations by accidentally knocking a fellow traveler's pizza onto the pristine airport floor. But, really, I think I did her a favor. Why eat airport pizza when you are mere steps away from Cinnabon?

Soon we were airborne and the flight to Montreal was fantastic! I'm going to fly Air Canada every time I fly from now on. Their website is top-notch and onboard entertainment is provided by individual touch screens that allow you to watch movies, shows, or listen to music during your flight. I watched an episode of NUMB3RS and part of The Devil Wears Prada. You could even pause what you were watching when the beverage service rolled around! It was like having my very own TIVO in the air for the low price of one airline ticket!

Transferring to our Charlottetown flight was fairly uneventful and soon we arrived at PEI on a beautiful fall day. Few clouds blocked the warm sun and a cool breeze reminded us that fall was here, if we had neglected to notice the fiery red and orange leaves on many trees in the area.

We've already learned a lot during out trip. Not ones to hoard trivia, we'll share with you some Canadian traveling tips.

1. When you buy new knitting needles at a Canadian Michaels store, they don't really want to know your zip code.

2. When people say it is going to be 20 tomorrow, act excited. Turns out this is a good thing.

3. Table d'hote means a fixed meal or a meal with several courses at a fixed cost (per Merriam's Online Dictionary).

4. Not everyone on Prince Edward Island has red hair.

5. Be aware of communication problems when traveling internationally. These are most likely to occur with your own spouse. :-)

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Did you see any redheads? Just curious...