Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Looking Forward

Each of our days here in P.E.I. combined natural wonders and historical explorations and today was no different. Stacy's goals for today were well met as we toured the Charlottetown waterfront area and Province Hall which was the birthplace of the Canadian Federation.

The weather grew colder today (high of about 11 degrees Celsius) which will probably help us transition into the cold weather back home in Chicago. We didn't let the cold wind stop us from spending a part of the afternoon on the shore. It seems we have yet to tire of watching the waves or listening to the powerful sound of water crashing against land. We finished the day on a newly discovered boardwalk a few blocks from our B&B where we watched the sunset and reflected on our holiday.

We are looking forward to returning home, but we are also looking forward to our next trip to P.E.I. Anyone want to join us?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time - wish we could take a vacation like that (or any vacation for that matter.) LOVED your travel tips, especially the communication barriers you're finding. I know what you mean... :-) Hope your trip continues to be outstanding. Have a safe return home.