Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Island Wanderings

Prince Edward Island is small in size (175 miles from tip to tip), but large in terms of activities available to happy travelers like us. Driving around the island is a joy in itself, with the variety of landscapes and autumn colors providing picturesque scenes along the way. It has been interesting, however, becoming accustomed to Canadian road signs. The signs make sense, but sometimes it feels like a giant Rebus book.

People have told us that you can't get lost on P.E.I. If you get misdirected, all you have to do is turn left when you hit water and eventually you will be back where you started from. The only real trouble we have had is getting used to the scale on the P.E.I map. The map is the same size as one of our U.S. state highway maps, but one inch on this map equals about 3 miles. Consequently, when I tell Stacy to "watch out for Route 6" we usually pass by it two seconds later. :-)

Today, Stacy and I visited a few P.E.I. shops and stumbled upon some breathtaking red sand beaches lined by sandstone cliffs on the north shore (again, kudos to Parks Canada!). This is the type of happy accident that makes this area so enjoyable. We have one full day left of our vacation and we have already determined that several things will have to wait for our next visit!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as Stacy gets to pick what to do for the day! Maybe I can get him to do a guest post...


Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! That shore shot just needs Anne and Diana standing there with the wind blowing their skirts and somehow their hats manage to stay on.... Enjoy your last day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryann and Stacy!

PEI is beautiful, and it sounds as though you're enjoying everything! I'll look forward to seeing you both and hearing all about your travels. Enjoy your last day on the island!