Friday, October 13, 2006

O Canada

We made it home safely with only a few frustrations going through customs in Montreal. From the moment we boarded the plane last Saturday, I have had the Canadian national anthem in my head (along with an unreasonable craving for maple syrup). Here is a funny website that I found so I could sing more than the first two words! Here is a more official website if you are interested in the history of the song.

Things we will miss about Canada:

1. Beautiful landscapes, although our own maple tree in the front yard is nothing to sneeze at. Actually, we'd prefer that you didn't sneeze at it as our lawn is covered with leaves as it is.

2. Restaurant staff who actually care how you respond when they ask "How was everything?"

3. Breakfast. Stacy and I sat way too long at the dining room table this morning waiting for our fruit course to magically appear.

4. Sweetened tea, seafood chowder and Cows ice cream shop. We plan to visit Oberweis and Red Lobster this weekend to ease the withdrawal effects.

5. Living in a "green" environment. 98% of the carbonated beverages sold on PEI are in refillable glass bottles.

Thanks for joining us on our trip!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Stacy in an Illinois shirt!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog---move over Fodor!!

(Nice shirt, Stacy!)