Sunday, October 18, 2009

We love New York! (Day 1)

Recently, my husband and I traveled to the Hudson River Valley area of New York with our cousins Mike and Christine. We had such a great trip that I wanted to document it here for us and for anyone else remotely interested. We flew into Albany and immediately headed north toward the Battle of Saratoga National Historic Park. After a quick lunch at the Rusty Nail in Clifton Park, we arrived at the Park and began learning about this historic battle. The day we visited, October 17, was the 232nd anniversary of the Battle of Saratoga. Here the American forces defeated the British Army trying to conquer the land between Canada and New York (since New York had already fallen to the British). This crucial victory gained the American forces global support and forever changed the future of the young nation.

We walked through the old battlegrounds, imagining battles behind British and American fortification lines, as well as learning more about Benedict Arnold's participation here. His activities later in life led to his name being removed from the statue honoring his bravery and injuries suffered during the fighting here.

Later that evening, we attended a candelight tour of the Schuyler House. This 1777 home was burned to the ground by the British during the Revolutionary War and was visited by many notable figures from the period, including George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. The house exists much as it did from the period and walking through this home was like walking back through time. The candlelight tour happens only once a year and we were happy to have been able to experience it. Kudos to Cousin Mike for finding out about it before our trip!

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