Saturday, August 16, 2008

We Have Arrived


We have arrived in Anne's land - successfully navigating through a our flight to Halifax (where we assisted our teenage flight attendent with the safety demonstration), a damp trip through Nova Scotia, and the long Confederation Bridge to get to beautiful Prince Edward Island. Now that we are fed we can plan all of our exciting Anne of Green Gables activities for tomorrow.

But, first, we need to figure out the thermostat. It's cold in here! Can anyone help?


Beth said...

I bet Marilla would have an old-fashioned hot water bottle ready to slip under the covers. If you can't crack the cryptic thermostat, maybe ring down to room service for one of those.

Have fun tomorrow!!!

-Beth (so jealous!)

Ryann said...

Hi Beth-iana,

We did call down and were rewarded with two bricks warmed on the stove. Amy decoded the thermostat.

You'll really be jealous of our room - it has an amazing view of a stairwell and lighting just dim enough not to read by.