Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anne Sites and Singing Sands

Day One of "Amy and Ryann's Anne Tour 2008" saw the fearless duo traversing the bucolic countryside in search of all things Anne. Here is a brief recap of the day's events:

Green Gables Heritage Site / Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Cavendish National Historic Site
Here we walked through a restored version of the home that inspired Green Gables. At the nearby historic site, we walked through the author's old homestead and spoke with one of her relatives. Favorite Highlight: Spooky golfers hiding in the Haunted Wood.

Anne of Green Gables Museum
This was the site of L. M. Montgomery's wedding and a house that she always enjoyed visiting. The Lake of Shining Waters is also located here. We even saw the Enchanted Bookcase that the author herself imagined seeing a friend in the reflection - just like Anne!

Favorite Highlight: Seeing Matthew Cuthbert in a striped shirt from JCPenny.

Singing Sands
We stopped at this beautiful, casual beach near the northern tip of the island to experiencing the wonder of a beach that sings! Don't believe us? Turn up your volume and watch this video (listen for the "zipper" sound).

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Anonymous said...

I am sad I didn't come with you two to hear the zippers. Hope your trip is everything Anne! Enjoy!