Wednesday, March 02, 2005


We hate ants. They are the root of all evil and most likely the reason that dinosaurs became extinct. Anyone want to buy a house? No, really, this is worse than the swarm of flies on the worst birthday ever two years ago. We clean, we call exterminators, and we pay but it doesn't help! Why did I leave Denver again? I'm moving to a high-rise condo. They can't get up to the top floor, can they?


Marcie said...

We form a group, whose cause is to stomp out all of antkind...Ant Haters Association!...AHA!...wasn't that the name of a band from the 80's?

Ryann said...


Marcie said...

I would like to join the AHAA...I woke up this morning to many little tiny ants crawling around my kitchen floor. Not the first thing I'd like to deal with in the morning! They seem to be limited to just the floor...any suggestions other than spraying Raid? Maybe I'll just let the next owners deal with it!