Sunday, February 27, 2005

WIRT - Annie and Superheroes on the Run

Another exciting Friday night in Denver! Sure, I could do homework. Sure, I could work on my writing projects. But, instead, I thought I'd write another dorky WIRT update, while waiting on hold ("expect 45 minutes wait") to change my weekend flight.

What I'm Reading Today:
The Science of Superheroes by Lois Gresh and Robert Weinberg.
I've only just begun this fascinating title...but have you ever wondered about the scientific principles in comic books? Well, okay, I haven't either. But think about it, how can Superman lift up a car by it's roof and the car doesn't fall apart when held from the top? Stay tuned for the explanation...

Nurse by Peggy Anderson is already packed in my luggage, but it is mocking me from the depths of my bag.

What I've Finished:
Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden (powerful novel for teens).
Nerd Gone Wild by Vicki Lewis Thompson (grocery store purchase along with lowfat frozen yogurt - enough said).

(IT"S RINGING! Leonard is helping me!!! Oh, no. I don't think he likes his j.o.b.)

What I'm Going to Check Out on Monday:
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Running by Bill Rodgers.
I'm sure many of you have heard my whining about not having a treadmill here in CO. And, yes, I know that running outside is a possibility. Anyway, I seem to have an inability to pace myself while running outside. Yes, I know, what a moron. I run too fast and then have to stop! I'm sure you'll want to stay tuned for the next installment of "Ryann Tries to Run."


Marcie said...

Poor Leonard...Maybe he should read a book with the title The Complete Idiot's Guide to Finding a Job You Like! Looking forward to the update on Superman's seemingly science-defying superpowers!

Ryann said...

Here's a trivia question for you superhero fans...which superhero has NO super powers???

Ryann said...

Sad news everyone..the Complete Idiot's Guide to Running is checked out! It's a conspiracy. Ah, it's snowing here anyway and tready would be jealous.